‘All in all a great game’

‘All in all a great game’

Draisma Dynamo HS1 – Achterhoek Orion HS1: 3 – 2

The first week of the champions pool called for a visit to the national cup champions Draisma Dynamo. Due to the format of the league we went into the game with already one point in our balance and we were ready to make it more.

The game was a fantastic battle of tactics throughout with both teams playing extremely smart. As always Joris in the diagonal position was building up a nice account of points scored as well as new comer Shalev Saada helping with a great quick ball play.

The set wins went backs forth with Dynamo taking the first and Orion answering right back and it continued like this throughout the match unfortunately ending with Dynamo picking up a close win.

All in all a great game which will prepare the team nicely for previous champions of the league next weekend Lycurgus.

Notable statistics :
Joris – 23 points
Shalev – 20 points
Wessel – 9 points


Wedstrijd: Kampioensgroep
Zaterdag 23 februari 2019 in Apeldoorn
Draisma Dynamo HS1 – Achterhoek Orion HS1
Uitslag: 3 – 2
Setstanden: 25-20, 23-25, 25-19, 19-25, 16-14

Verslag: Sam Shenton
Foto aanhef: Archieffoto Robert van de Gevel